Open Wide and Say Aaagh!

Dear Mum,

I went to the dentist today, and while I realise that in the UK it was only “free” because we paid a decent percentage of our wage into a National Insurance scheme, it was still a bit jarring to be charged $155 for a look in my mouth and a couple of X-Rays. On the bright side it’s just a small infection (my suspicion would be brought on by the changes in air pressure on the flight over, I’ve heard it can do that), I got some antibiotics (prescription – about $18, felt very odd for a Diabetic!), and have started taking them. The only bad news being that if the drugs don’t knock it on the head I’ll probably need a root canal 😦

We took Joshua to his Day Care to have a look around as well. Even though it’s the school summer holidays there is still day care for kids with working parents, etc. So it was quite busy there and we met a few of the other kids, some of which may be attending with him, although we didn’t find that out.

Also, because it is finally “Wednesday” he had a go on his bike. We took him round the corner to Oberthur primary school, mainly because it was close and had a lot of shaded bits of path. He wasn’t too sure about the whole thing when we started but by the time we got back to Julie’s all I was doing was helping him steer so he didn’t ride into the road.

We were going to do some other fun stuff with him today but he had a bit of a breakdown around lunch time and most of the rest of the day was a bit of a write off. He was so bad that, for about the third or fourth time in his life, I didn’t read him a bed time story 😦

Still don’t have the laptop, but as soon as we get it we’ll start putting our pictures on it and get a bit more active with sending you some of them.




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