Dinosaurs, Roar!

Dear Mum,

This morning Julie, Richard, Joshua and I went to the cinema to see Walking With Dinosaurs, The Movie. Joshua enjoyed it (as you’d expect) and the rest of us thought it was pretty good. Surprisingly good to say some of the dinosaurs talked, it was quite tastefully done though. Maybe a bit Hollywood/Disney, e.g. no blood and guts, etc. but still worth a watch (if you like dinosaurs)

This a’vo was hot again, we spent a good deal of it in the house relaxing but finally persuaded the little ‘un it’d be a good idea to go for a swim after we took a swift, warm, walk to the shops. The pool was lovely, Deanne went in first and dived in, rather than the “slow lower” as we have been doing, to save our shock at the cold water. I thought it looked like a good idea so I jumped in myself, cold but nice on a day like today.

Joshy had beans for tea, we had a Thai curry which Julie had made for us this afternoon, then bathed Joshy and got him to bed. Tonight the next series of Sherlock starts on Aussie TV so we’re going top watch that.




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