Coogee, Coogee, Coo.

Dear Mum,

It’s been a pretty hot day today but we spent part of the morning and early afternoon sorting out a phone for Deanne. i can’t get one yet as I don’t have enough Aussie ID to prove who I am. We’ll let you know Deanne’s number when you’re back from Brazil.

This afternoon Julie and Rick took us to a beach at a place called Coogee, it was nice and really hot, Joshua dug in the sand and tried to empty the beach into the water. We stayed about an hour I think and then decided we’d been out for too long and came home. Deanne made potato wedges for tea which we had with veggie fingers.

All in all quite a nice day. I’ve finally got round to plugging our camera in to the computer and have attached a photo of the three of us at the beach.





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