Money, Money, Money

Dear Mum,

Today we spent an enormous amount of money… Well, actually that’s not quite true, we put down a (quite large) deposit and will spend the money in a couple of days time! We have bought a car! It’s a Hyundai i30 which is similar in size to Deanne’s old Honda Civic, but it’s a “station wagon”, which means it has one of those big rectangular boots so we can fit all our stuff in to it.

It’s actually a new car, although it’s a 2013 one which is last year’s model, there is a newer one which is why it was already discounted. Ernest would have been proud of me as I managed to haggle $1,000 off the price. It’s red, which is a bit of a shame as Deanne really wanted a different colour this time 🙂

We also opened a bank account for Joshua this morning. There is a little branch at his school so he can take money in and pay it into his account.

This av’o (getting the lingo already!!!) we went out with Bob to a little Museum which was full of stuffed animals and models of dinosaurs (some of which were labelled wrong, I should probably have told them). Joshy thought it was brilliant and we were all quite impressed, it was like Dorchester Museum used to be with furry, feathery and scaly things everywhere. The best one was probably the brachiosaur, not full size but pretty big.

Computer is acting weird so I’ll go now and write again soon.




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