Dear Mum,

This morning Julie drove us around a bit, Deanne got her driving license changed to an Aussie one, we went to the bank and activated our accounts, I now have an Australian bank card!!! We also checked out cars, we’re thinking we’ll get ourselves a Hyundai. I’ll drop you a picture when we’ve bought it, assuming we can find a way to get pictures on to Julie and Rick’s computer. Oh yes, we have bought a laptop too, so we’ll at least be able to start sorting our digital lives out properly.

What I didn’t mention yesterday was that Joshua cunningly flushed one of those blue block things that keep the pan clean down the toilet! Rick had a go at cleaning it yesterday but to no avail. So this afternoon after we’d been out, I created a makeshift toilet cleaner out of a wire coat hanger which I stuffed into a small length of hosepipe. However, predictably I had to end up reaching in and sloshing my hand around to try and clear the blockage, which was nice! It took quite some effort and involved several different methods, which I looked up on the internet. Anyway I seem to have cleared the blockage and so we can now safely use the lavatory again. Hooray!!!

We’re off out with Bob for part of tomorrow, Deanne found a little museum north of the river which has a bunch of full size Dinosaur models, along with old stuffed animals, so we’re probably going to visit that.




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