Just A Quickie

Dear Mum,


Tired out tonight as we actually did some stuff today that was “real”.

Even though Julie has retired she was still at work this morning, Rick had dropped us off so we had the house to ourselves first thing. We got up about seven-ish, just about getting the hang of the eight hour time difference now.

Had breakfast,showered, got dressed then headed out and are now the proud owners of a family Medicare number, so if we get ill we can at least obtain some form of medical assistance without having to pay a ridiculous sum of money. I still need to do my NDSS (National Diabetes Services Scheme, I think!) stuff but I think we’re headed to the Diabetes WA offices on Wednesday to pick up the forms I need so I can apply.

Then headed on to Garden City and spent some of our dollars on a pair of shoes and some sandals for Joshua, we threw his old shoes in the bin after we got home as they were falling to pieces, he’s taking a size 10, but I don’t know if that translates to UK sizes?

We also took a look at a few computers in a PC store, plus dropped in on another couple on the way back, we’ve probably found what we need but have to think about it before we buy one.

Picked Julie up from work at about 2:30, came home, Dee made pasta for tea and we ate then put Joshua to bed.

Gotta go, too tired to write now.




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