Party Time

Dear Mum,

We had the little Xmas party today, I say little, there were 12 people here! The three of us, Julie, Rick, Janice, Kody, Kody’s boyfriend, Helen and her partner Robert, Big Nana and Bob. So not that little really. It was nice and we spent the last couple of hours of it swimming in the pool, Joshua was knackered by the time we got out and was falling asleep while he ate his tea next to me then asked after half a slice of bread and a couple of spoons of beans if he could go to bed. Poor little thing. Bob also looked a bit nervous about being in such a large crowd of people but I tried to talk to him so he wouldn’t have to mix too much 😉

Can’t remember if I said that Joshy opened his pressies yesterday, it was funny because the main thing there was his new bike, which wasn’t wrapped and was in the middle of all the other wrapped things. he completely failed to notice it, kept walking around it to get the other things, even putting his hand on it as he went past, then finally looked at it and went “oh, a bike. Is that for me?”

Tomorrow we’re heading to Garden City (I love the name of that place!), first and foremost to sign ourselves up for Medicare, but also to look at things like mobile phones, computers, clothes and all the other things you need to have a clue about in everyday life.

Anyway I have to go, there are a couple of jobs I need to look at in more detail and see if it’s worth my applying for.




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