Dear Mum,

Well, we’ve been here over 24 hours now and it’s hot! Very hot!! I think the high today was 43.8 degrees, which is only marginally less than 60 degrees from boiling point. To be fair though we weren’t out in it much as we were at the public hospital in Fremantle most of the afternoon. Don’t worry though, ever since landing Deanne had a weird kind of numb lower leg on her right side so we thought we better get it checked out in case it was a DVT, thankfully after a number of tests, and a number of hours we were told that it wasn’t and that she would be fine and it would stop feeling odd as long as she rest it and keeps it up in the air. We were also surprised to find out that it wasn’t going to cost us anything, which is nice.

The plane trip over yesterday was long, but not as arduous as it could have been. The bus taking us from the hotel to the airport was meant to take fifteen minutes but actually took about an hour. Thankfully we had set off in enough time and arrived before the queue got too long and so had plenty of time to check in and get ourselves sorted. Once we were air-side Deanne bought a couple of bottles of drink for the flight and Josh spent his money on a new Pip and Posy book, which we read once we were on the plane.

The first leg of the journey took about 11 hours. The young ‘un mainly watched films and TV, there wasn’t a great selection for him but he enjoyed watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 again (which was the one we took him to the pictures to see a couple of weeks back). He also like a Tom and Jerry cartoon, seemingly from when I was little by the look of the quality and the characters in it.

Deanne and I also watched a bunch of films. For your flight back from Brazil I would strongly recommend the Old Guy checks out Star Trek: Into Darkness, although you should remind him that after the last Star Trek Film everything has changed in the Star Trek Universe so this is an alternate reality (Rich can probably explain that to him!).

We made up some time after a slightly late take off from the UK and had a couple of hours to spare in Singapore. If you ever land there go find the butterfly house, it was interesting, and a bit strange to have a room full of insects in a large and quite well appointed modern aviation hub.
Anyway the last leg was only about five and a half hours, none of us had slept much on the first part of the journey so on this one thankfully Joshy and Deanne got a bit and I watched the first Despicable Me cartoon movie. After that I tried to watch the second one as I wasn’t having much luck trying to sleep but the tiredness took over and I had to quit part way through and put my head down for a bit. I woke when the plane hit the dirt in Perth.

Julie and Richard met us at the airport, Bob also turned up briefly, although he only said hi and walked to the car with us, but we’re having a sort of late Xmas party tomorrow so he’s coming over for that, along with a few of the other relatives. We were all three of us a bit restless last night and Joshua woke up a couple of times, then at one in the morning we finally got up and had a bite to eat. Joshua had a Vegemite sandwich and me and Deanne both had something similar.

Today Dee went out in the Morning to grab a few things from the shops (mainly coat hangers to use on the rail Julie bought us to use in our room while we’re staying here). Oh, I forgot to say there were, of course, presents here when we arrived. The young ‘un now has some big dinosaurs from Dinosaur Train, along with some new games, a big car slide thing with some little cars to go on it and a bike (with stabilisers).

This afternoon we persuaded Joshua it would be a good idea to go swim with Nana and Poppy Richard while Dee and I went to the hospital. He eventually did so and I believe had about an hour or so of splashy fun then came in and fell asleep, almost immediately, on the sofa, so they picked him up and put him to bed. Where he stayed for about two hours.

We eventually got back at about 6:30, just in time for tea, then bathed Josh and put him to bed.

I’ll write more next time I get half an hour but until then all my love and see you when we’ve figured out a way to get Rick and Julie into the modern age and got hold of a wireless router so we can use the tablet.





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